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Coconut Oil and Anti Aging – Is There A Connection?

Anti Aging and Coconut Oil Over the last few years, many anti-aging creams have come on the market. Most of these products promise to reduce the effects of aging, eliminate wrinkles, and make skin look more soft and supple than it has in years. Unfortunately, many of these solutions are extremely expensive, and most of them use chemicals which could potentially be bad for your skin. There is a solution for improving skin that is completely natural, that is also cost-effective to use. It is called coconut oil. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using such an oil on your skin in order to improve its overall appearance at a very minimal price.

What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an oil that is actually extracted from the kernel or meet of coconuts that are harvested from a coconut palm. Although some health organizations advise against using this oil for cooking due to the high levels of saturated fat that it contains, it is actually a very beneficial product that people should ingest, and also use on their skin, because of its many medicinal qualities.

Health Benefits Of This Oil

There are several health benefits associated with using coconut oil, with the most notable being that it can help our bodies resist bacteria and viruses that can affect our bodies. It has also been shown to help prevent candida or yeast infections that both men and women may get. In regard to blood sugar control, and thyroid problems, it is also beneficial, and can also help regulate sugar in the bloodstream by improving the way insulin works. With all of these benefits, it is clear that ingesting coconut  is beneficial for the human body. But what about its benefits in regard to skin care?

Coconut Oil And Anti Aging

Many people actually use this oil for the treatment of acne. They will use virgin coconut oil as a cleanser to remove excess debris that may be in our pores which can cause acne to develop. In regard to your body, using oil after showering while your body is still moist can actually help lock in moisture making your skin much more soft and smooth. As you may know, this is the basis for many anti aging treatments.  Using coconut oil on your face to reduce the appearance of aging, it has many benefits in this anti aging area.

Coconut And Antioxidants

Free radicals are particles that will actually break down the connective tissues in your skin. There are many antioxidants that you can take orally which can help with this problem. Many people drink wine, or take supplements, with antioxidant properties. However, by applying coco oil to your face, specifically virgin coconut oil, this unrefined oil has extremely high concentrations of antioxidants. By using coconut oil in this manner, or as a face cream with coconut oil in it, you can actually benefit from the antioxidants in the oil to help your face maintain its youthful appearance.

Although there are many different anti aging face creams and serums that are used by people today in order to prevent aging, or combat the appearance of aging, by using coconut oil with its abundance of antioxidants, you can actually begin to control the aging process on your face by using coconut oil every day. Whether you have existing wrinkles, blotches, or you simply want to stay looking young as long as possible, this type of oil and anti aging definitely go hand-in-hand.


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